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Best Car GPS devices for Seniors/and Easy to use

While looking for the best car GPS devices for seniors you should look for Garmin Drive 50, Indeed GPS or LTTRBX GPS. Those models are easy to use and are perfect for older users. In the article, there are more suggestions. You will also find tips on how to use a device and how to install maps.

GPS navigation systems have become exceptionally popular in the modern-day. These devices help you navigate through town, as well as in areas that are new to you. While the majority of these devices do come with all the features you would need in a GPS system; they are not all suitable for seniors.

How to choose car GPS for seniors?

Before buying a GPS device for seniors you need to consider factors like screen size, how large the maps are, and how easy it is to use the device.

Make sure you buy a big size screen. Also, consider the accessibility features, such as camera or voice navigation. Many devices have driver alerts built-ins like signals for speed. Features like this can be beneficial for seniors.

You don’t want to buy a device that doesn’t provide lifetime free updates for the maps, make sure device includes this.

Best car GPS for Seniors reviews:

This article will share top options to consider when buying a GPS navigation device that seniors can use easily.

Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT

The Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT is our top option when it comes to the best and easy to use GPS for seniors. The product comes in a variety of models to choose from, including two different screen sizes.

You can choose between the base model or the Bluetooth-enabled option as well. An HD traffic option is also available for those who would like a better quality display in their GPS device. This is one of the more expensive options on the market at the moment, however.

The Garmin Nuvi 2589LMT gives you lifetime access to free map updates. Whenever new data is available for the map system, you can instantly download and update the current maps on the device.

The product can also easily connect to a smartphone that has built-in Bluetooth technology. The pre-installed FourSquare application makes it easy to find shops and restaurants near you.

Garmin Drive 50

The Garmin Drive 50 is a more affordable option from the Garmin brand, giving you the ability to use a top-rated company’s GPS system without breaking the bank. The device comes in two different varieties – this first is the default system that features lifestyle access to map updates. A second option gives you additional traffic updates to help you steer clear of busy roads.

This particular GPS system was developed to make navigation as easy as possible. The product offers several beneficial features, including driver alerts. The driver alerts will notify the user of nearby traffic lights, speed cameras, speed changes, and sharp curves and corners that may lie ahead.

The WQVGA touch display also makes navigation easy. There is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery built into the device. The battery provides up to one hour of use.

Indeed GPS Navigation System

Next up is the Indeed GPS Navigation System. This device features a large seven-inch display unit with built-in touch functionality. All settings can be adjusted with the touch of a finger – including the configuration of a preferred route.

The device also comes with an 8GB internal storage, which allows maps to be stored locally on the navigation system. The initial configuration requires only minimal steps. The device also features maps for more than just the United States.

The Indeed GPS Navigation System is also one of the more affordable options that are currently available on the market. The product features built-in voice navigation features. This makes it easier to utilize the navigation system without breaking eye contact from the road.

Additional features include a broadcast function, as well as a driving alert system. You get lifetime access to free updates for the map system when you invest in the Indeed GPS Navigator.

Garmin Drive 51 USA LM GPS

Another excellent option from the Garmin brand is the Garmin Drive 51 USA LM GPS. This device features voice navigation through a realistic AI-based technology, making it easy to know exactly where to go – even when your eyes are not on the screen.

The product also comes with several built-in features that make it easy to find specific locations around you – including TripAdvisor and FourSquare applications.

You can choose between a five-inch display or a six-inch display when buying the Garmin Drive 51 USA LM GPS. The display features dual orientation for a more convenient overview of the road ahead.

The device comes with driver alerts built-in, which can provide you signals for speed changes, railroad crossings, speed cameras, animal crossings, and other critical factors that you may face on the road ahead.

LTTRBX GPS Navigation System

Last up is the LTTRBX GPS Navigation System, an affordable option that comes with several useful features for senior citizens. This product features a touch screen, making it exceptionally easy to control the destination, as well as other important settings that the user needs to take advantage of.

The seven-inch display also provides a larger screen for the elderly who experience vision-related problems.

The device features an 8GB internal storage, allowing maps to be stored for easier offline access. The product also offers a voice navigation system, which gives the user the ability to keep their eyes on the road while taking advantage of the GPS device.

The built-in satellite GPS system means there is no need for internet access. The LTTRBX GPS Navigation System also comes with lifetime free updates for the built-in maps.

Frequently asked Questions:

How much does GPS Device cost?

You need to pay for navigation in a car, directly or indirectly. I case you are looking for a basic GPS navigation device prices range from 50$-1000$ depends on what kind of device are you looking for. Many devices from Garmin includes lifetime updates in the purchase price (traffic and maps).

When buying a new car it will cost you extra if a car has a monitor and a navigation system installed. It cost around 500$ to 4000 $ in new cars, sometimes the GPS device is included in the sale price. In some cases, you need to pay subscriptions for navigation programs that are 10$ – 30$ per month.

How to use a GPS navigation Device?

Turn the power button on and then program the device. At most GPS devices, when the device is turned on for the first time you will have to set up some basic information at the startup. For example date, time, location (that will serve as your home button on the device) and so on.

Set up your desired location and start driving. Also, you will notice that the device allows you to look for different categories of destinations in the surrounding area such as restaurants, parks, pharmacy, hotels, gas stations….

How to Install GPS In A Car?

Most of today’s GPS devices come with a holder and an attached suction holder, so you can put the device into the holder and mount it to the dashboard or windshield. First, place the GPS device into the holder and mount it into your car.

If you fix it on the windshield make sure that you place it in the middle, make sure it will not lead to distraction or block the view. Probably it is better and safer if you attach it in the middle of the dashboard.

Either way, pay attention to secure the holder with the device firmly, so it won’t fall down. You can moisten the suction cap, so it will successfully glue to the surface.

Then connect the appropriate side of the power cord (which should be included in the box) into the GPS. The other side of the power cord goes into a twelve-volt power outlet (there is usually a cigarette lighter in this outlet).

Put the extra length of the cable out of your sight so it will not interfere while you are driving (a cord organizer might help). Then go for a test drive to see if the device is working properly. While you are testing the device always pay attention to the road and how you drive.

How to Install maps on a GPS Device?

To install various maps you have to connect the GPS device to the computer. For more detailed information on how to connect your device with the computer look into the owner’s manual for your device.

Because of different device providers, usually, the products have their own software and through that software, you can install, download, set up new and updated maps in your device. To name a few: Garmin, TomTomRoute 66, Magellan

What else you can use? / Navigation app

You can use your phone instead of a GPS device. If you use a smartphone, check for google maps application. Go to google play app store on your device and type google maps. Then tap install and follow the instructions.

When you successfully installed the app, tap on it to open the navigation app. In the search bar type the name or address of the destination you would like to travel. Tap the button directions.

Choose a starting point (usually the device chooses your current location). Select a mode of transportation (car, public transport, walking or cycling). Tap the start button to begin your route. Start driving and you will hear a voice explaining directions as you move.

What’s next?

With a GPS system, navigation is made much easier. I hope you discovered the best device for your needs. Technology can make life much easier especially for seniors, be sure to check more technology solutions to ensure that.

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