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Best audiobook Players For Seniors/Audiobook apps

It is nice to listen to an audiobook but to do that you need a proper device and software program. Because you read this you probably already have the equipment, maybe all you need is to download the right application, you can start with Google Play Books. If you have your audiobook in MP3 format you can download an MP3 player. Read further to find more about audiobook players for older people.

By listening to an audiobook, you or a loved one can enjoy having books played back in an electronic audio format. In turn, this allows you to enjoy your favorite book titles still and even discover new ones. The best way to discover new ones is trough audiobooks apps.

What is a good app for audiobooks?

If you have a smartphone or tablet powered by Android, you’ll find a lot of audiobook apps. Download one, choose your favorite audiobook. Below are the most popular Android audiobook applications:

How to choose Devices to listen to audiobooks?

When looking for audiobook devices for seniors, a couple of factors should be taken into consideration. This will ultimately ensure the device is able to provide adequate capabilities for the person who will be using it.

  • Screen: Whether or not the device should feature a screen depends on the person who will use it. If there is a complete loss of vision, then a screen would not serve much value. On the other hand, if the person is still able to see clearly enough to navigate a digital display, then buying a device that comes with a screen would offer them more customization options and the ability to browse through audiobooks themselves.
  • Accessibility features: Consider the accessibility features that the older person will need access to then look for an audiobook player that is able to meet these requirements. This may include special buttons that allow for easier navigation when there is a significant disruption in the person’s vision.
  • File format support: Audiobooks often come in MP3 format, but it does depend on the service used. Make sure the device used for this purpose supports the specific files that you are looking to use.

Best devices to listen to audiobooks/ Reviews

We share some devices to listen to audiobook.

Samsung Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is one of the more feature-rich products that you can choose to use as an audiobook player. Even though not specifically designed for this purpose, the high-quality built-in display gives you easy access to the features you need to listen to your favorite audiobooks.

The device also features 64GB of internal storage, or 128GB in an alternative model, which means you can store a lot of audiobook files on a single tablet. Various audiobook services can also be utilized through the built-in Google Play Store.

The tablet comes in three different color varieties. These include black, silver, and gold. The 10.1-inch display can be paired with the accessibility features that are offered by the Android operating system. This helps to make the device more user-friendly for seniors.

Apple iPad

When quality is your main priority, and you want a device that is trusted by millions, then the Apple iPad is an option you should definitely consider.

The price of this device is on the higher side of the scale, but it comes with several useful features – including the Apple App Store, which gives you access to thousands of applications to help you listen to audiobooks.

There are a few different Apple iPad models available. You can choose between one that is equipped with only Wi-Fi or a model that takes a sim card for instant cellular network reception. The Apple iPad also comes in a 32GB and a 128GB model. Color options include silver, space gray, and gold.

HumanWare Victor Reader Stream

For those with a more significant level of vision impairment, the HumanWare Victor Reader Stream is a preferred option. This is a handheld device that acts as a convenient media player. It features only the most basic buttons in a simple layout, which makes it easier to use.

There is no display unit on this device, which is something you do need to take into consideration.

This audio player can playback files in various formats, including DAISY ebooks, EPUB files, MP4, and MP3 files. The device can also be used to record voice, thanks to the built-in microphone.

Text-to-speech is another useful feature presented by the product.

MP3 Music Box for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

The MP3 Music Box for Alzheimer’s and Dementia focuses on being as easy to use as possible. The product has a relatively convenient price tag when compared to the other options that you can find on the market, yet offers the functionality that an older person may need to enjoy listening to audiobooks when they have a visual impairment.

This is primarily an MP3 player that gives you the ability to load it up with the audiobook files that you want to be able to play. Operation is very simple – simply lift a small box at the top to start playing the files. When you want to skip to the next audio file, press a single button.


The MYMAHDI MP3 Player brings you a device that helps you listen to audio files at a lower price compared to many alternatives you can choose from. The device features 8GB internal storage, which can be expanded with a microSD card up to 128GB.

The device has a built-in 3.5-inch display. The display makes it easy to navigate between different audio files. You can play a variety of audio file formats on the device, including MP3, FLAC, APE, WAV, AAC, and WMA.

SanDisk 8GB Clip Jam MP3 Player

The SanDisk 8GB Clip Jam MP3 Player is another affordable option for those who do not want to spend hundreds of dollars. The product comes in different models. This includes an option with a 0.96-inch display, as well as one with a slightly larger 1.44-inch display.

The built-in 8GB storage gives you the ability to store a large number of audio files on the device, which can be expanded with a microSD card. You can use the device to play MP3, AAC, Audible, and WMA files.

What’s next?

Sensory impairments affect a large percentage of the older population. Vision loss is one particular factor that can have significant limitations in terms of a person’s abilities. When you are not able to see clearly, be sure to visit your doctor, also, check for vision aids.

This does not mean that reading is out of the question. I hope you have found the best option for your needs. If you like music you might want to check some easy to use music players for seniors.

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