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Best Cologne for 50 year old Man/for daily use

A good cologne can be your lifelong companion. It will keep you smelling sophisticated, well put together and alluring. Throughout your life, you may have found that what you’re looking for in cologne changes.

So, you’re ready to change up your fragrance and make a new addition to your personal style. This article will take you through your options and help you make the best choice. You will find colognes for a 50 year old man and other seniors as well.

How to know which cologne is right for me?

From fresh and lemony in youth to muskier mahogany in adulthood. Now, heading into your senior years, it’s time for another change. This is the smell that will remind your kids and grandkids of you in years to come, so it’s important to choose one that suits you.

The best way is to test if you like the scent, but every time this is not possible. Everybody’s skin is composed differently which gives each human being their own unique scent. When this unique scent combines with cologne or perfume, it creates a new scent that’s unique to you. This means cologne that works for your friend might not work for you.

Finding the right cologne starts with knowing scent families like floral, woods or fresh. After you know your favorite scent decide about your motives, what smell do you want to be associated with your identity? Before you buy test it. Decide how much you are willing to spend.

Best men’s Cologne for 50-year-old man / Reviews

RawChemistry Cologne

This cologne is alcohol-free and focuses on masculinity and the scent of pheromones. It’s a subtle scent but promises to leave you smelling high end and luxurious.

For seniors wanting a simple, masculine cologne that shouldn’t irritate the skin, this may be perfect choice. If you’re still on the dating scene it maybe even better, as it contains pheromones as well as natural oils smelling of Italian wood.

Reports indicate that it encourages a great reaction from people smelling it, so RawChemistry cologne may be worth a shot!

Blazing Saddles Solid Cologne

For seniors with a love of all things Western, this is the cologne of choice! Blazing saddles is described as “the smell of a Western movie”. Saddle up and smell fantastic with a mix of sandalwood, gun polish, leather and sagebrush. Seniors who want to avoid fiddly and difficult spray bottles may find that this tin of solid cologne offers the perfect solution. You simply rub it into your skin on various “pulse points”, like your wrists.

As with any personal hygiene product, it’s all down to personal preference. Users say that it takes some getting used to as a scent and that it certainly isn’t your traditional scent by any means. However, in the end, most people seem to end up loving it.

Dior Men’s Sauvage Eau de Toilette Spray

On the upper end of the market, we have Dior’s Sauvage range. For seniors who love a high-class classic, this is one to consider. The notes of the scent are:

  • TOP NOTE: Reggio Bergamot
  • HEART NOTE: Sichuan Pepper
  • BASE NOTE: Ambroxan

This means that it smells fresh and zesty. Dior is going for “raw and noble” with this. One thing to note, however, is that it is an Eau de Toilette, not a cologne. This means that the smell will fade much faster than with a pure cologne. Others who have purchased this have certainly noticed the smell fading, too.

Taylor of Old Bond Street

This heavily scented shaving cream is a perfect alternative for seniors who don’t want to commit to a cologne, but still want elements of good-smelling freshness in their personal care routine.

This cream moisturizes your face and helps prepare for a shave. It smells of: geranium, lavender, rosemary and liquid amber supported by a heart of carnation, fern and orange blossom resting on a sumptuous base of patchouli, sandalwood, powdery musk and rock rose. The cream comes in a resealable plastic bowl and is best applied with a brush.

It reportedly has a lovely, strong fragrance, and is great for a wet shave.

Drifter Men’s Solid Cologne by ulio&jack

For seniors-on-the-go, this easy travel ulio&jack cologne is a great option! It’s a solid cologne, which comes in a tin – perfect for sliding into a pocket or bag. The smell is beautiful too, as it’s made with a lightly sweet blend of cardamom and mandarin, which overpowers the subtle sandalwood, clove and leather undertones.

Other frequent travelers report that it’s a very convenient choice. However, on some, it simply doesn’t last that long. This usually comes down to personal biology and chemistry, but if you know that you tend to lose scent fast, it’s something to consider.

Cremo Solid Cologne

This is the perfect scent for any seniors wanting to smell like a high-end boutique buyer, without having to actually go to one. Another solid cologne in a tin, this has the benefit of durability and convenience.

There are a few choices of scent to pick from, including:

  • Bergamot & Musk
  • Leather & Oud
  • Spice & Black Vanilla 

Some have mentioned that the amount of cologne you get in a tin is less than you’d hope for, for the price. If you’re looking for a bigger order, definitely check out the size information!


Santa Fe is a classic scent, and a staple from many men’s teenage and younger years. It was popular a few years back, and is stocked less and less, however can still be found online.

People who have purchased this product mention that it’s the same old smell that they remember. If you’re a senior looking to relive the smells and sensations of your younger years, this is definitely one to look into.

St James of London Sandalwood & Bergamot Cologne

Elegance and masculinity are united in this unique and long-lasting fragrance. With sandalwood for longevity and essential oils for smoothness, seniors will love its simplicity. People who have purchased this report that it is a lovely scent, especially for those who love bergamot and sandalwood.

Make sure that you like those two scents though! Because some users have suggested that they combine to smell slightly like soap.

What’s next?

I hope that you enjoy the process of picking out the right scent for you. You might want to check also for your lady, check the best perfume for older women. It’s all about helping you feel good in your own skin, and secure in who you are!

Before you apply any cologne you should wash your skin and take care of your body overall. There is no pleasant scent without hygiene, discover hygiene checklist for seniors. You might want to read also, shavers for older men, lotions for older adults, toenail clippers for seniors.

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