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Best Compression Socks For Elderly-For Better Leg Circulation

There are many options available when you are looking to buy a pair of compression socks for an elderly person. Some of us wear these to help with varicose veins and other problems like swollen legs and feet. Venous insufficiency is something that affects a large percentage of the elderly population. Read further to find the best compression socks.

One study in the International Journal of Health Sciences found that about 61.1% of older people do have this condition. While many people associate compression socks with sports, these socks can actually be great for the elderly who experience these symptoms.

The main difference between these and regular socks is that to do their job properly, they need to have a much stronger elasticity. They are therefore all the more difficult to put on.

What are the Best compression Socks for seniors?

While these can offer great relief for symptoms commonly experienced, such as bad leg circualion or swelling in the legs, you should note that not all compression socks are good for these issues.

I will share some of the best compression socks for elderly people in this article, hand-selected after I did careful and extensive research. Take a closer look at each and find the one that will work best for you or a loved one.

Laite Hebe Compression Socks

To find the best compression socks, you want to consider pricing, features, and quality. The Laite Hebe Compression Socks give you a great balance between these three elements. These socks come in three pairs per package, also giving you better value for your money.

Up to 85% of the material uses in these socks is nylon. This helps to add to the flexibility of the material, while also making them more durable. A smooth surface is added to the heels. You also get to choose from multiple colors to suit your style and preferences.

The only problem that some people might have with the socks is that they cover the entire foot. Some do prefer to have compression socks that do not cover the toe area.  The socks also only come in two different sizes – one for men and one for women.

Copper Compression Socks

The Copper Compression Socks is another option that gives you maximum value for your money. You get three pairs of the socks per package, and they come in a wide variety of colors – including neutral and vibrant options.

The socks have a compression rating that varies from 15mmHg to 20mmHg. Moisture-wicking fabric is used to produce these socks, which helps to keep your legs dry while using them. There is also a reinforced heel and toe area, with additional support for the arch.

The fact that these Copper socks only come in a small and large size option does mean some people won’t be able to find a pair that provides them the perfect fit.

Zipper Compression Socks

The Zipper Compression Socks is good if you often find yourself struggling to get a regular pair up your legs. When swelling affects your legs, the zipper makes getting these on easier.

These compression socks come in only two color varieties, including black and beige. You do, however, get to choose from three different sizes. This provides for a more comfortable fit while wearing the socks.

The material used in these Zipper Compression Socks consists of 75% nylon, along with 25% Spandex content. There is added padding at the toe area and the sole beds. The compression socks also offer shock absorbent features.

NOVAYARD Compression Socks

If you do not mind buying in bulk to get a better deal, consider the NOVAYARD Compression Socks. You get six pairs of these socks in a single package. There are also a variety of color schemes to choose from, which ensures they go with your outfit preferences.

Nylon makes up 95% of the material used in these socks, along with 5% Elastane content. The socks focus on providing a breathable material, while also giving you the benefits of compression socks.

These products do, however, only come in two size options. It may be a little harder to find one that gives you a better fit. The good news is you get a 100% money-back guarantee with the purchase of the socks. This way, you can easily get a refund on your purchase if they do not fit you properly.

ZFiSt Medical & Athletic Compression Socks

The ZFiSt Medical & Athletic Compression Socks offer a very unique visual appearance, but still gives you the functions you need in these products. You can choose between different colors, which primarily include black with either white, blue, or pink.

The socks come at an affordable price, especially considering the fact that there are three pairs of them in a single package. The fabric used in the production of the socks offers moisture-wicking features. This helps to keep moisture away from the skin.

Even though the socks cover the toes, they have been designed to assure no “squeezing” is experienced. There is added protection for the ankles. Nylon is the only material used in these socks, which may not offer the perfect level of flexibility for some potential customers.

How to put On compression socks?/ Vive Sock Aid

There are a variety of aids to use with compression stockings depending on the type you have and whether they have open or closed toes. Speak to your medical professional for advice on the best type.

You might want to check Vive Sock Aid. Now, this is not a pair of compression socks exactly – but rather a product that will help you put on your pair. Arthritis and conditions that limit the physical abilities of the body are very common in the elderly – and they can be restricting.

With this drassing aid, you can easily put on your socks. The socks first go onto this small and affordable device. You then put your foot at the decided area, and you pull the sock up, using the non-slip foam-based cuffs. For more hints on how to put on your socks check this article.

How to take Off compression Stockings?

It’s not only putting compression stocking on that is difficult. Trying to take them off can be just as hard. The easiest aid to use is Sock Aid but you can also use a long-handled shoe horn that slides between the stocking and your leg. As you push the ‘shoehorn’ towards your foot, a hook engages with the stocking edge and pushes it down.

What’s next?

You discovered some of the best compression socks for the elderly in this post. Two of the biggest problems with compression stockings are that they are really difficult to grasp and they are easily pierced. Try wearing rubber gloves to improve your grip and a footstool to help with your reach.

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