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Best Knee Braces for Elderly

When you are 65 or older, you have a growth chance of experiencing knee pain. Many factors can bring about knee pain, including trauma, obesity or a history of playing high-impact sports. One of the leading causes in the elderly is the breakdown of cartilage and osteoarthritis.

There are many different options to help relieve knee pain. For serious cases, surgery is often the best solution. For less acute cases, you may be prescribed pain killers or regular physical therapy.

What other options you have? A knee brace is definitely one of them.

Elderly people who experience knee pain, stiffness, and overall discomfort can benefit from knee braces, and the good thing is that options to buy one are numerous.

What to consider when choosing knee braces for elderly?

When you feel you need a knee brace, the most important thing is to see a medical professional first. This is to rule out bone, muscle, or ligament issues that might get worse without the proper treatment or the correct knee brace.

Yes, that’s right there are many different types of knee brace, each one has its uses and none of them are interchangeable except under medical supervision.

Types of knee braces

Knee sleeves

Your knees need protection when they’re injured, need help preventing injuries, and preventing re-injuries. They are simply a padded sleeve and provide warmth and compression at the knee joint. Compression increases blood flow, while the warming effect increases the rate of change of your blood flow. Both speed up the transfer of oxygen and nutrients to the affected area and so increases the rate of healing.

Functional knee braces

This one gives support to an already injured knee or prevents further injury after the knee has had surgery to repair ligaments. It has metal hinges on both sides of the knee joint so allowing the knee to fold back normally, but restricting side to side movement.

Patellofemoral braces

Patellofemoral pain syndrome, sometimes known as ‘runner’s knee’ is a general term describing anterior knee pain caused by a misaligned kneecap in the femoral groove. This misalignment comes from many different situations.

  • Knee joint misalignment.
  • Improper alignment and movement of the feet when walking.
  • Tissue inflammation around the kneecap.
  • Faulty muscles around the kneecap.
  • Cartilage damage behind the kneecap.
  • An unusual shape of the kneecap or femoral groove.

A patellofemoral brace controls the movement of the kneecap while allowing the muscles to realign and heal.

Unloader knee braces

This brace helps when the wearer suffers from osteoarthritis in the knee. However, It won’t cure or reverse the problem. It’s purely to help relieve the pain and overwhelming symptoms.  It’s made from foam, plastic, and steel struts which provides a comfortable way to stabilize the knee joint and transfer body weight from the side of the knee joint with arthritis to the other side. The design limits the side movement in the joint and encourages the leg to bend away from the painful joint area.

What does a knee braces help with?

As knee braces support the joint, and nothing else, they can only help with relieving pain and preventing further damage by limiting the knee’s movement.  They, therefore, only support the joint and restrict movement so that the joint only moves as it’s meant to.

Although some doctors recommend them as a good form of pain relief by supporting the joint and taking the load off the damaged bone, muscles, and ligaments. Others believe it stops the knee muscles from building up and doing the job themselves.

There are arguments for and against both viewpoints, but research hasn’t given evidence one-way or the other. So, speak to your doctor or physical therapist and follow their instructions as to which method will work for you.

Best knee braces for seniors/ Reviews

Below I am going to discuss some of the best knee braces for the elderly you can find.

Knee Brace by Bodyprox

Bodyprox is a well-known brand of injury prevention products created specifically to relieve pain, speed up recovery after the injury, and improve the general wellbeing of users. Their knee brace comes in a universal size for an easy fit on every leg.

The knee brace was designed to provide relief and added comfort while performing their daily activities. In order to make this knee brace comfortable and effective, Bodyprox used the highest grade material that eliminates potential skin rash and allergy.

The breathable fabric is paired with an open patella design to lower pressure on the sore knee area. The patella gel pads in this knee brace allow for an easy movement while flexible stabilizer springs alleviate pressure and stress. Users report knee brace by Bodyprox provides much-needed support and prevents pain from radiating.

Also, the knee doesn’t buckle under, and the brace doesn’t slip. A slight disadvantage is that Velcro may lose its grip after a while.

Hinged Knee Brace by Shock Doctor

You have probably heard of Shock Doctor on multiple occasions by now. Over the years, they have become a leader in this industry, so it comes as no wonder their knee brace is on this list as well. In fact, this is Shock Doctor’s most advanced knee brace due to bilateral support hinges and tempered aluminum for additional knee stability and protection.

Generally speaking, hinged knee brace by Shock Doctor can help prevent and heal medial and lateral instability, injuries, sprains, arthritis, and other problems that affect a person’s movement, flexibility, and quality of life. Made of breathable material with antimicrobial properties, the knee brace is easy to wear and doesn’t induce discomfort. The integrated, flexible stabilizers prevent slipping.

Bearing in mind the knee brace supports joint alignment and soft tissue, and it also provides therapeutic heat to improve blood flow. Users describe the brace gave them more stability and support while relieving pain. But, it can be difficult for some people to choose the right size. Make sure to measure your knee properly.

TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support

TechWare Pro Knee Brace Support is one of the best knee braces for a good reason and mainly because the elderly can use it with ease, without too much hassle. The brace features a slim profile that provides added support to stabilize the knee and hold it firmly. To some people, a slim profile may not seem “strong enough” to get the job done, but the truth is that it allows for the leg flexion and extension.

Above all that, the TechWare Pro knee brace is comfortable and adjustable. It features a bidirectional design to reduce pain in the knee and stabilize the patella or kneecap.

This knee brace surrounds the knee perfectly while enabling a user to achieve full mobility. Knee stability is also ensured via an open patella design that features four flexible spring stabilizers. Four sizes are available (M, L, XL, and XXL), so make sure to measure knee adequately to get the right fit. One of the biggest advantages of this knee brace is the perfect fit, even on people with thick legs. Not only does it fit, but it also provides comfort.

Vive Knee Ice Pack Wrap

One of the easiest and most effective things to do to alleviate joint pain is to apply an ice pack to the painful area. Cold numbs the pain and makes it easier to move. That’s why it comes as no wonder that knee braces in the form of ice pack wraps are available as well, and Vive’s gear is worth taking into consideration.

What makes this brace special? The soft neoprene blend knee wrap features two front pockets as well as one back pocket. Vive’s brace also comes with three removable gel packs for heat or cold therapy. It’s useful to mention that while cold numbs the pain, the heat reduces stiffness, which can be handy in the morning.

All you need to do is to either microwave or freeze gel packs and insert them into specified areas. The adjustable straps provide both flexibility and stability. The great benefit of this wrap is the 60-day money-back guarantee the brand provides.

IPOW 2 Pack Knee Pain Relief

Men and women who are looking for a simple knee strap brace may want to consider IPOW’s gear. This brace is specifically created to absorb shock on the knees and prevent pain. As a result, users notice their range of motion has improved. The gentle yet strong material is easy to wear and doesn’t cause discomfort and itching throughout the day.

Users report that knee brace from IPOW is easy to put on and take off, helps relieve pain, and allows them to move easily. But, the bands tend to lose strength after a while.

Whats next?

The benefits of knee braces for the elderly are numerous. For example, knee braces improve knee stability and decrease the intensity of pain, increase range of motion, and provide more comfort and evidence.

Knee braces provide more balance and support to make movements easier, but also to lower the incidence of falls. Knee braces help elderly men and women reduce knee pain and improve range of motion.

They come at different prices that allow people to choose the ideal brace for their budget. Knee braces are easy to use but to get the best results to make sure to measure your knee properly so that you can purchase the right size.

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