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Best Raised Toilet Seats for Seniors

Raised toilet seats decrease the distance that a user needs to lower to the seat and stand up again. These toilet seats put less stress on the joints and require less stretching. Raised toilet seats are a practical addition to every senior’s lifestyle. In this post, we bring the best options on the market right now.

How do raised toilet seats work?

Raised toilet seats are a real asset for seniors who have mobility problems. They might have issues bending their hips or knees, or might be recovering from surgery to those areas.  And, of course, the senior might not have any specific problems but just be very frail.

Where to buy a raised toilet seat?

You can buy raised toilet seats from online retailers as well as mobility aid suppliers who have a website. There are many different types so you must browse the available stock and purchase the one that seems to be what you want.

Things to consider when buying a raised toilet seat:

The first step in purchasing a raised toilet seat is to make a list of features you want to have. These include a temporary seat or permanently fixed one. Do you want armrests?  How about a moveable frame that isn’t connected at all.? The list is almost endless and you will have to choose the best you can afford.


This is an important feature to consider. Everyone has a different height and stature so it’s important to choose one that you can customize the height. If the raised seat is fixed to the toilet then you need to look at different thicknesses of the seat. If the seat is separate and has an independent frame, then you must be able to easily adjust the leg height. Remember, toilet risers will only increase the height by about 4 inches at the most. So, if you need more height, then consider a toilet frame or a mechanical toilet lift.

Locked in place

This is by far the commonest type of raised toilet seat. It looks like a donut that stands on the toilet bowl rim and is about 4 inches thick (other thicknesses are available). The donut either fixes to the toilet using the existing bolt holes where the lid and seat fit or they can be installed using three or four plastic bolts spaced equidistantly around the bowl.

Not locked or screwed in

If you don’t want to fix the raised toilet seat permanently to the toilet bowl. Consider this one. It’s a white rigid plastic donut with an attached seat. The only difference in appearance between this and a standard riser is that it isn’t a complete circle. In fact, the riser looks more like a horseshoe. To install the riser, squeeze the two ‘horns’ of the horseshoe together and push it inside the toilet rim. Let go of the ‘horns’ and the riser will return to its normal diameter and clamp itself to the inside of the rim.

Know your toilet size

It doesn’t matter which type of raised toilet seat you choose, you’ll want it to fit snugly onto your existing toilet bowl.

First, measure the distance from the floor to the toilet bowl rim. You’ll then know what thickness riser you’ll need to reach the desired height.

Next, Make sure you measure your toilet bowl diameter and note whether the bowl is round or elongated. This will determine which type of riser you need. Either buy one specific to your size toilet bowl or buy one that is interchangeable.

Best raised toilet Seats for seniors:

Carex Raised Toilet Seat

Carex Health Brands was founded in 1976 and is a well-known company that provides medical supply products for home use. They have a multitude of products under their belt, and a raised toilet seat is one of them. Created specifically for elderly, handicapped, and people whose medical condition doesn’t allow them to more properly, this 3.5-inch raised toilet seat is all about convenience and safety.

It also has a capacity of 300 pounds. Not only is it simple to install, but this toilet seat also lifts easily and allows users to get off without hassle. The toilet seat lifter is fitted with padded and adjustable arms for increased convenience, support, boost, and safety. Thanks to the rail, the elderly users have a lower risk of slipping and falling down.

Probably the most practical thing about Carex raised toilet seat is that no installation tools are required because it already comes with a hardware kit that contains everything needed to set it up. However, it can be difficult to clean the toilet with this raised toilet seat.


BEMIS is yet another well-known brand of medical supply products for home use. It was founded in 1901 and has become the epitome of quality in this business. Their Medic-Aid line of raised toilet seats is specifically designed for long-term use.

This particular toilet seat and others in their offer are made from heavy-duty solid plastic and 300 Series stainless steel hardware alongside the antimicrobial agent that protects the seat from bacteria. Of course, the addition of the antimicrobial agent doesn’t undermine the importance of regular cleaning.

Large 2-inch lift hinges and bumpers provide extra lift and raise this toilet seat higher for easier and more convenient use. BEMIS used STA-TITE, a breakthrough in toilet seat installation. Why is it a big deal?

Well, STA-TITE improves mounting the toilet seat from top to bottom and inside out. This system is simple, secure, and fast. Users claim this toilet seat is stable, easy to install, and practical.

Vive Raised Toilet Seat

Raised toilet seat from Vive fits most standard toilet seats easily and has a more stylish design compared to other counterparts. Although the style is not the main factor people consider when buying the seat, it’s still nice to know there’s an option to get a practical, yet more appealing toilet seat.

To make sure this toilet seat withstands daily use, Vive used tough and sturdy materials to make it. The additional height of 5 inches it provides makes using the toilet safer and more convenient, especially for seniors whose balance and range of motion are limited.

The ergonomic design provides maximum satisfaction, and no tools are necessary to install it. Heavy-duty plastic and durable composite material allow Vive raised toilet seat to support a weight up to 250 pounds.

Handles are removable, thus giving the users an option to use them or not, depending on their physical needs and preferences. It’s worth mentioning this raised toilet seat is relatively easier to clean and wipe down.

Vaunn Medical Elevated Raised Toilet Seat

Raised medical seat from Vaunn fits standard and elongated seats. The unique ergonomic design adds an extra four inches to your toilet seat and provides much-needed comfort and practicality. Just like other raised toilet seats on this list, it doesn’t require any additional installation tools other than the kit that comes with this seat.

Users report they were able to assemble the toilet seat in under 10 minutes. That’s fantastic! Don’t let easy installation fool you; this raised toilet seat is firm and provides desired support and comfort. For extra convenience, there are also padded handles that help users get up easily.

Heavy-duty plastic makes the toilet seat sturdy and durable, even when a person is overweight. Anti-slip features provide more safety while the locking mechanism allows for a secure fit on the standard toilet bowl. The good thing about this raised toilet seat is that, besides its sturdiness and security, it’s still lightweight and simple.

AquaSense Portable Raised Toilet Seat

Raised toilet seat from AquaSense is one of the most affordable high-quality toilet seats of this kind on the market. It gives an additional four inches that allow users to use the restroom without enduring too much pressure on their joints or struggle with balance.

With a weight capacity of 300 pounds, this raised toilet seat is suitable even for heavier users and gives them much-needed convenience and balance in older age. Made of heavy-duty plastic, AquaSense portable raised toilet seat is durable and comfortable, but also super easy to install.

Users report this seat has the perfect height even for people with arthritis. However, some users struggle with the stability of the seat, and it can be tricky to clean it.

Whats next?

Raised toilet seats are practical for seniors, handicapped men, and women, as well as for other people whose range of motion and balance are affected. Nowadays, there are plenty of options for people who want to buy raised toilet seats for themselves or loved ones.

They are usually made of heavy-duty plastic, which gives them stability, durability, and comfort. It’s also entirely possible to find a raised toilet seat regardless of your budget. For those who don’t want to use it, there is also another option. Check the best-raised toilets for elderly people.

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