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Best toe-nail Clippers for Seniors – They’re toe-tally great!

Personal grooming is important to everyone, for their own comfort and for how they portray themselves to the outside world. From shaving to regular haircuts, manicures to pedicures, these things are simply a part of the daily routine.

However, as we reach more senior age, this process becomes more difficult, in an unanticipated way. Toenail clipping, in particular, becomes a tough task for many.

Not to worry, because there are many great products out there that aim to help seniors struggling with this issue. Read through this article to see our best picks of toenail clippers for senior people!

How to Choose the best toenail clipper for Seniors:

The nail clipper may be concave or convex. Toenail clippers are bigger than regular fingernail clippers and usually have a convex clipping end and a linear edge. Concave clipping ends are more suitable for fingernails. You can use fingernail clippers to trim your toenails, but you will be more successful with straight-edged clippers.

Lever-Type Clippers

This is the most common nail clipper available. It can come with a flat or curved head, it is designed to cut through nails easily and folds to storage size. If your toenails are thicker it would be better to look for nipper clippers.

Nipper Clippers

Nipper clippers are used also by manicurists, this is a great tool with extra leverage for cutting thick nails. It is also great for removing little corners of the nail that may have been torn away.

Electric Nail Clippers

Many of the elderly are facing thick toenails and weak hands, so the pressure they apply isn’t enough to cut nails. Electric toenail clippers can help comfortably trim your toenails without putting much pressure.

Toenail clippers for Seniors with thick Nails/Reviews

Now, let’s check out the best clippers on the market for you!

Easy Reach Toenail Clippers

With a long wooden handle and plunger-mechanism, this is an interesting and unique solution. It has been reported to look a little rough-and-ready, but once you get used to it, it’s genuinely very useful!  

The way it works is that there is a button (plunger) on top of the long wooden handle. You align the clipper to your toes and then press the button to clip. It may take some practice, but it works well to avoid having to bend over.

These would be best for customers who have arthritis, and whose toenails are not particularly thick. This is because the clippers themselves are of standard quality. What these clippers are best at is improving accessibility, as you can remain standing the whole time.

At a decent price bracket, and with reports of high functionality, it’s one to consider!

Kohm CP 9000 Toenail Clippers

These are definitely a great choice for any seniors looking for clippers which will help them with how thick their toenails are. They’re made for people with hard, ingrown or deformed nails.

The wide jaws open to over one inch wide, which will allow for even larger nails to access. They’re stainless steel which means they’re strong and ready to cut!

On top of this, they address the problem of difficult grip with their specially made easy-grip handles.

At a very decent price range, these are a fantastic pick for people who have both grip issues and also thickness issues. These have been reported as great, even for men with larger hands.  

These are consistently well reviewed and are definitely a solid pick. They won’t help people with arthritis related problems, in terms of reaching the nail itself, however, as you do have to bend over to reach your toes to use these.

Medical Grade Toenail Clippers

These very sharp clippers have razor-sharp blades. They won’t get rusty, tarnished or corrode because they’re made of stainless steel. Another great positive is that they have a 100% guarantee so if they don’t work for you, you can just send them back and received a refund. They’re great for getting the job done quickly and going on with your day.

Once again, they’re best for people with large nails, thick nails, or awkwardly shaped toes, as they have a sharp blade, easy-grip handles. However, for those with arthritis struggling to reach their feet, they’re not the best as you will still have to bend to reach your feet.

They do have an ergonomic design and long handles, so perhaps for those who only experience mild discomfort, these would be a solution.

Professional Nail Nipper

Ideal for thick nails, with ergonomic grip and precision trimming. These are another great choice for people who have ingrown nails and thick nails. They’ve been reported to be very sharp and about the size of a garden tool, which can lead to a rough and sharp cut. However, if you have very thick nails, this is ideal!  

The handles are 5” long and the blades open to 1” wide, so they’re not the biggest set on the market. For a portable, useful solution, this could work, especially considering the company’s great customer care.

Zizzili Basics Toenail Clippers

These are great, sharp tools and once again are designed for ingrown nails and thick nails. The pointed end of the blade, in particular makes it great for ingrown nails.

It has a cushioned handle, but one thing to note is that these do not feature an extra-long handle for grip. This has led to some reviews saying that the handles are just too short to use comfortably.

If the grip looks good to you, and length of grip isn’t the main thing you’re looking for in clippers, then these may be the best pick.

What’s next?

So, whichever option you pick, we hope you can get this part of your grooming routine over with as soon as possible in the easiest way, and get on with your day!

There are some general tips you can follow which may make the whole process easier. If you clip your toenails after a shower or bath, they are softer. Using a non-slip stool or chair can also be a great way to ensure that you are stable while bringing the whole leg upwards for easier access.

Personal hygiene and grooming is important. If you want to read more check also best electric razors for the elderly, lotions for older adults, cologne for seniors.

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