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Best Universal Remote For the Elderly

The elderly are prone to develop problems with their vision, along with conditions like Parkinson’s disease. The presence of these problems can make it difficult for an elderly person to conduct their usual day-to-day activities. This can sometimes include simple activities, such as switching the television to a different channel. This brings up a need to buy the best universal remote for the elderly.

There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to buying a universal remote that is appropriate for the elderly population. The major problem that does come to mind is the fact that not all of these remotes work properly – there are a couple of options that may not effectively sync and work with multiple devices.

What to Consider while buying a universal remote for seniors?

Remember that seniors may not be able to see or handle a remote control as easily as you. Arthritis, cataracts, and many other health issues affect their ability to use remote controls. So be aware.

Simple to use

Choose one that’s simple to use. Many remotes try to do so much while still keeping to a convenient palm-sized design, that they try to pack in too many buttons. Buy one that does exactly what the senior wants and nothing more. What’s the use of having 40 or 50 buttons when you only use about 15? If the senior knows how to use their smartphone, you can also download apps to convert the phone into a universal remote too.

Big buttons

You can’t beat having big buttons. Yes, the remote may end up a bit larger than usual, but so what? That makes it a bit more difficult to lose this one, doesn’t it?

Make sure the important buttons are large enough to see and far enough away from each other so they’re easy to press. Try to get a remote with bright contrasting colors on the important buttons too.

Easy to program

The steps to program the remote to work with your device may vary depending on the device and brand so always read the instructions first and do exactly what they say. Here are some tips to make things easy.

  • Make sure you can easily change the batteries.
  • Check the remote has a memory to keep the settings while you change batteries.
  • Many devices have a ‘code number’ to identify the device. You just enter it into the remote via the keypad. The code number then sets up the device to its default conditions. In the future, you might have to set the device up again. So, write the code number on the device’s documentation.
  • If you haven’t got a device code, you will be able to work your way through an onscreen list to narrow down the search.
  • I can’t stress enough, look on the packaging and find out if it’s easy to program.


Although you probably won’t go swimming with your universal remote control, you may spill a cup of coffee over it. If your remote isn’t water-resistant, you’ll have to go out and buy another. If however, you had the foresight to buy a water-resistant remote, you just need to wipe it with a damp cloth and it should work like new.

Operate one or multiple devices

As we said earlier, a universal remote will often control many media devices. So you don’t have multiple controls littering the coffee table, and you don’t get confused over which one controls which device.

If yours controls more than one device, you’ll find that there are a few buttons on the first or second row that allows you to move to the correct mode before operating the buttons.

Best universal remote Control for Elderly

We share the top options to help you discover the best universal remote for elderly individuals in this post.

EasyMote Universal Big Button TV Remote

The Continuus Universal Big Button TV Remote EasyMote is one of the most convenient options when it comes to looking at a product that makes controlling a television easier for the elderly. This product is very basic, which is often a preference for elderly individuals who feel confused with a significant variety of buttons on a remote. The remote also comes at a good price, considering the quality of the product.

This particular remote only features six buttons on top of the controller. These buttons allow a device to be turned on or off. The user can also switch between channels with the controller and adjust the volume of the connected device. An additional mute button helps the user quickly turn off sound on the device that is connected to the EasyMote. You can connect the EasyMote to a television, as well as a cable box that has built-in infrared technology.

Continuus Water Resistant Universal TV Remote

When it comes to avoiding the damage that comes with an accident like a remote falling into the water, then the Continuus Water Resistant Universal TV Remote is an option you definitely want to consider. The product comes with an affordable price tag and can be used in any environment, thanks to the waterproofing feature. The remote is compatible with two devices at the same time – this generally includes both the cable or satellite box, as well as a television.

The Continuus Water Resistant Universal TV Remote features relatively large buttons. This makes it easier for the user to switch channels, adjust the volume of a device, and browse through other features. There are more buttons on this remote compared to some alternative options. The remote features ten numbers, as well as volume and channel adapters. There are other buttons as well, including an OK button and four arrows.

Flipper Big Button TV Remote for Elderly

Next on the list is the Flipper Big Button TV Remote for Elderly, another very basic option that is ideal for people who just want the simpler functions like the ability to control the volume and switch channels. There are six buttons integrated into the remote. In addition to the volume and channel switchers, there is a power button and a mute button.

The Flipper Big Button TV Remote for Elderly also features an LED light that helps to provide feedback when the user is trying to sync the product with their television. The product is compatible with any device that has built-in infrared technology. This does include not only televisions, but also soundbars, satellite TV, and cable boxes. The price of the remote is, however, on the higher side when compared to alternative options.

RCA RCR313BR Big Button Three-Device Universal Remote

If you are on a low budget, then the RCA RCR313BR Big Button Three-Device Universal Remote is definitely an option to consider. This remote can connect to three devices at a time, which is a significant improvement over many competitors – most of these universal remotes can only connect to two devices at the same time. The price falls below $10, which also makes this one of the more affordable options on the market.

The RCA RCR313BR Big Button Three-Device Universal Remote is a more fully-featured option when compared to others. The product does not only include buttons for the most basic functions. In addition to the volume and channel buttons, the remote also features multimedia buttons, as well as quick-connect buttons to switch between multiple devices.

Sony RM-EZ4 2-Device Universal Remote with Big Button

The last option on our list is the Sony RM-EZ4 2-Device Universal Remote with Big Buttons. This is an official Sony product, which means the remote is manufactured by a trusted brand. The product only features the most basic buttons that an elderly person might need to control their television. This universal remote is available in two different colors, including black or silver.

The remote features numbered buttons that range from one to nine, as well as a zero. There are two large buttons that control the volume of the connected device, along with buttons to switch channels. Syncing the remote is easy, thanks to the addition of a “SET” button, and there are two quick-select buttons that help the user switch between television and cable or satellite system. There is an LED light that provides feedback during the programming of the remote.

Frequently asked questions:

Where to Buy universal remote control?

We’ve all lost or broken the remote control for our television set at some time in our life. Isn’t it annoying, especially if we’re still using an old television that’s no longer made? Fortunately, you can buy remote controls that aren’t brand specific from many electrical department stores or online retailers.

Do universal remotes work on all TVs?

Yes.  You can program them to control just about any television from most manufacturers. Some even have the added benefit of being able to control other electronic devices too, such as DVD player, cable,  CD player and even the dear old VHS video recorder. When you go shopping, just read the packaging to make sure you buy exactly what you need.

If you have a subscription service such as cable or satellite, then you will probably have to use the remote supplied by the provider to control their device. Just get in contact with them and request a new one.

What’s next?

After thorough research, I shared the best options you have if you wish to make it easier for an elderly person to switch between channels on their television. Getting the best universal remote for the elderly can make things a lot easier especially if you have poor vision.

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