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Best walking Sticks for Seniors / Nordic walking Sticks for Seniors

Whether you’re a senior who prefers relaxed strolls or heart-pumping hikes, sometimes a little support is required. Hiking poles are a great solution for reducing the impact on knee joints and leg muscles. When you are choosing walking sticks check the grip and decide if you need adjustable or one-piece. Some of the best walking sticks are TheFitLife or Montem, check for more.

While many stereotypes abound that seniors are not avid hikers, hiking is very much an accessible activity for those reaching an older age. Good training, pacing and gentle walking are key elements.

How to choose the best walking sticks for seniors?

What should you look for in a good set of walking poles? Hiking poles should be:

The Grip

A good grip should relieve stress and overuse of the wrist joint. Grip designs differ for fitness walking and for trekking, make your choice.

Adjustable or One-piece

One-piece poles will be the best for nordic walking because are lighter, quieter. But trekkers, travelers, and hikers will appreciate poles that compact to store or carry in your luggage

Shock absorbing

Shock absorption is a nice feature particularly for seniors who have unstable hips, ankles or knees or have had any earlier injuries.


Ultralight poles shaft’s material is key to the pole’s overall weight. Ultralight sticks offer the benefit of less swing weight, which makes it easier to move. Usually, these poles weigh less than 1 pound per pair.

Best Nordic walking Sticks for Seniors / Reviews

TheFitLife Nordic Walking Trekking Poles 

Overall, these are great poles for light walks and hikes. These poles utilize High Quality 7 Series Aviation Aluminium material and are expandable, shock absorbing, and a moisture absorbing. Each pole weighs just 0.6lbs, however, they can support 440lbs. This provides very strong support, while only weighing you down a little.

They feature a quick lock system, with a measuring scale clearly demarcated in centimeters. This has been reported to work extremely well and easily – great for seniors! A strong benefit here is that TheFitLife poles come with 4 free extra rubber tips, so they really are a long-lasting product.

Once the tips are worn down from all your hiking adventures, you can simply replace them and get walking again! Stability and sturdiness are key, and these poles definitely achieve that.

One thing to note, however, is that these are for lighter walking and hiking, and not steep or difficult terrain. For example, if you’re walking in grassy or dirt paths these are perfect, but perhaps not ideal for rocky slopes.

This is because as with many rubber caps, the caps on them can wear down quite quickly if you’re using them on rough terrain. In addition, they have been reported to collapse during very difficult climbs in the mountains.

SWIX Nordic Walking Poles of Norway

Swix poles come in 32 sizes and have a one-piece construction with no locking or adjusting. This could be great for seniors with arthritis in their hands, as they don’t have to fiddle with any mechanisms.

This is a top pick if you want to order a pole specifically for you and your height. The seller is open to emails and will recommend the correct pole for you. Perfect for bespoke customer experience!

They are secure and stable, with a great reputation. They are recommended by doctors and physical therapists too, which is great! Durable carbide metal tips will ensure no wearing or breakage on the trail.

It is important to note, however, that these don’t come with specific instructions on how to get the best Nordic walking technique. So these are great if you’re already an experienced Nordic walker.

The gloves that arrive with the sticks have also been said to be uncomfortable, which is something to note if you have delicate skin or hands.

Overall, Swix poles are best for experienced walkers, who want a perfect solution for any terrain – even the toughest ones!

York Nordic Ultralight Foldable Walking Poles 

The York Nordic Ultralight Poles are 100% carbon fibre and adjustable. These are a great pick for seniors looking for convenience. They’re easily folded and packed away, with a folded length of 14 inches.

They have a reputation for being durable and dependable. They don’t come with instructions so they are best for walkers who have some experience with sticks in the past.

Overall, these are a strong contender as they’ve been reported to work over long distances and different terrains. However, they may send slightly uncomfortable vibrations through your arm due to the stretch cords inside the pole itself vibrating when placed on the ground with force.

TrailBuddy Hiking Poles

Going for tough aluminium instead of carbon fibre, TrailBuddy poles are strong and sturdy. They are adjustable and come in many different colour options. They feature lever locks which can be good for seniors who don’t want to struggle with clip grips.

Ensure that your mud cup is properly attached, as there have been reports of it falling off if not correctly assembled.

Other than that, these are an easy first-time-hikers pole – great for seniors everywhere!

Montem Ultra Strong Trekking

Featuring a free lifetime replacement promise, and a new and improved model, these could be the perfect choice for a first-time buyer. These are compact and made of aluminium.

Lightweight and well-loved, this may be the perfect choice for seniors! They have also been used as mobility aids with success, with users reporting that they are better than crutches or canes. Perhaps the best option for relaxed senior walking.

What are the benefits of walking for seniors

Who doesn’t love a stroll in the fresh air, listening to the sounds of nature and taking in the views? This activity can be particularly beneficial for seniors, as it’s a low impact way of making sure you stay fit and healthy with very few associated risks.

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People who are more active tend to have better mental health, better overall fitness, and they make better food choices, too! It’s no secret that walking has a plethora of associated benefits. Walking is even a great way to get your creativity going.

Here’s also a social element. A walk with friends and family can be great for a senior! Rehabilitative walking is also good, for example, after a hip surgery, which is very common amongst seniors.

What’s next?

One potential drawback of these poles to note, however, is that they can increase overall energy exertion as your arms will be picking up the extra weight that is being saved from your knees. They also keep your arms moving for longer periods of time, which ensures good circulation. Overall, however, it’s a great solution. 

Not only walking, if you can try running, you should also swim or do some water exercises, it doesn’t matter, just stay active. If you have a bicycle, use it.

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