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Easy to Use Printers for Seniors

Are you looking for easy to use printers for seniors but you don’t know where to start? Well, there are so many printers on the market right now, all offering excellent features and options.

From wireless connections to touchscreen and AirPrint, there are plenty of functions you will be looking at when picking the best printer you can use. Besides that nowadays you can easily print through your smartphone?

But, for seniors, there is something else you should pay attention to, and that is simplicity.

How to choose easy to use a printer for seniors?

People of age don’t want a million options typical for a high-end printer; they want something they can learn how to use quickly. What they need is a simple printer to scan, copy, and print.

To make the most of your printer, you need something convenient, easy to learn, and quick to get used to. Usually, they are labeled as home printers, these are the easiest printers to use and most convenient for the elderly.

When you choose a printer for yourself, you look for certain specifications and decide whether the printer will fulfill its purpose. Likewise, a senior wants a printer for the same reason as you. To print text or pictures!

Let’s run through the specifications one by one and see why we should look at them.

How often will you use the printer

This tells you how much money you should spend. You also need to take into account whether you intend printing text, images, or a combination. Do you have a hobby you intend to use with the printer? Maybe you’re an amateur photographer and want to start printing your images. If so, do you want a photographic printer? In this case, you can end up paying megabucks for a decent color photographic printer.

For normal work, you have a choice between an inkjet and a laser printer. Basically, laser printers are more economical than inkjets and because they use toner powder, you won’t have the problem of dried or clogged inkjets.

Next, use an inkjet printer if you intend to print low volume pages. Traditionally, home-based amateurs use inkjet while office-based professionals or amateurs with high volume printing use laser printers.

Setup process

Make sure the printer is simple to set up. You need one that doesn’t require a fully equipped IT department to get it up and running. You need simple step by step instructions that you can do from your PC. Similarly, you’ll need the software to regularly update automatically with hardly any effort from you.

User friendly and compatible

Once you’ve installed the printer software, how easy is it to use? Does it need just a few keystrokes to get it working or is it long and drawn out?  Is it compatible with your computer as well as its operating system? Do you need special versions to cope with your software?

One more point here. What happens if you decide to change your computer? Will it be as easy to use the printer with the new machine as it was with the old one?

Resolution and speed

These are two important specifications. The resolution is the measure of how many dots per square inch used to produce the image. If you have a high resolution, you’ll have a very realistic image. You also need to know if it has lifelike color, or even if it actually matters.

If you intend to print your wildlife action photos then you’ll need a high-resolution printer with a lifelike color definition. How many printer leaflets tell you that the color definition depends a lot on the type of paper you use?

Speed is another number that the manufacturers talk about. Usually, this is measured in sheets per minute. An average laser printer, built to work in an office environment, produces print much faster than an average inkjet printer.

Usually, a laser printer works at between 15 to 100 pages per minute (ppm), while a laserjet works at about 16 ppm.

Price and upfront cost / supply costs

You will find that laser printers intended for the office market are expensive to buy, and have expensive toner cartridges, yet provide up to 3 to 5 times as many sheets per month than an inkjet.

Whereas, an inkjet is cheap to buy (therefore, attractive for home use), but has very expensive inks. Sometimes a set of ink cartridges can cost as much as a new printer. This situation encourages many ‘compatible’ inkjet cartridges available at a very low price from specialist online retailers.

The quality of ink isn’t always the best, but they are a lot cheaper if you aren’t fussy about the quality. Probably you don’t want to invest in a printer with a small and expensive cartridge. Try to pick an economic and budget-friendly printer.

Easy to use and Senior-friendly printers / Reviews

To make your choice easier I have decided to narrow down the search for you and list some of the best senior-friendly printers out there.

So, bellow are some simple printers for seniors:

HP DeskJet 2622 All-in-One

Starting off this list, we have the HP DeskJet printer, a convenient and compact device that can definitely come in handy. This is definitely one of the best printers for the elderly. It’s a copier, scanner, and printer. But, what makes it stand out from the rest is its small design.

You can place it wherever you like without sacrificing too much space. With it, the desk won’t feel too cluttered or messy. The printer can hold up to 25 sheets at a time, and while it can’t hold too many sheets, this is just enough to get the work done.

It does come with wireless, but it’s a lot cheaper than other similar devices. Most importantly, it’s incredibly easy to set up, and you can connect it to your phone to start printing anything on-the-go. The control panel on the front is pretty straight forward; there aren’t too many options that will clutter it, but just enough to have everything you need. The printer works with A6, A4, DL, and B5 envelopes to suit everyone’s needs.


  • Compact design
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to set up
  • Prints different sized papers


  • The printer can warn you to do a cartridge refill too early

HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One

With plenty of features and easy to learn, the HP OfficeJet can make for an excellent printer for seniors. At first glance, this printer may look overwhelming, with all the options for borderless printing, copying, scanning, sending out faxes, etc. But, it’s a lot easier to use than it looks. The touchscreen is very simple to get used to, and if seniors are short on time, they can always connect the printer to their phone and choose what to print from there.


  • Easy to manage
  • Perfect for managing printing tasks on-the-go
  • Easy to learn
  • Convenient
  • Top-quality printer


  • A bit tricky to get used to.

Canon PIXMA TR8520 Wireless All in One Printer

With a ton of different features, options, and settings, the Canon PIXMA might seem like too much hassle, but it’s completely the opposite. All the features are intuitive and very easy to use, and seniors can quickly get the hang of it. It’s a compact printer that can fit just about anywhere, whether you want to place it in the office or at home. This all-in-one printer may not be the fastest printer, but you get just enough speed and memory capacity for everyday use.

If you are looking for a printer that can print your family photos, this might be the ideal choice. The best thing about it, however, is the LCD control panel on the front. The letters and options are big enough for seniors to read and not too big that would take up too much space on the printer.


  • Plenty of cool features
  • Easy to use and get used to
  • Excellent LCD control panel for seniors
  • Affordable
  • Easy to set up
  • Perfect for printing out family albums


  • The printer comes with “Auto Print” feature disabled, you have to enable it for wireless printing manually.

Brother Wireless All-in-One Inkjet Printer

Don’t let its bulky design dissuade you; the Brother Inkjet printer is an excellent quality printer that might be just what you are looking for. It can handle any paper and can hold up to 100 sheets at a time in the paper tray. This means that you don’t have to worry about replacing those sheets all the time since you will need to print a lot to print on all of them. This device is pretty easy to connect and set up.

But, do have in mind that it has plenty of features, so seniors might need to try it out at first. The more they use it, the easier it will be to get used to it, so, in this case, practice makes perfect.


  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • Versatile connection features
  • Plenty of options
  • High-quality print


  • Difficult to learn how to use

Epson EcoTank ET-2720

If you want to save some money on expensive cartridges, the Epson printer may be the right choice. One set of ink bottles has the same amount of ink as 80 cartridges, which means you will be making less waste and save money at the same time. Plus, the ink bottles cost less, so you will be saving around 90% on cartridges. You get plenty of ink to print out 7,500 colored sheets and 4,500 black sheets. This is more than enough to last you for months or more, depending on how often you plan on using it.


  • Affordable
  • Efficient
  • Convenient design
  • Money-saving
  • Less waste and more color
  • Easy to work with
  • The ink lasts a long time


  • Tricky to set up for the first time

What’s next?

Some printers are more budget-friendly and easy to use, while others offers a little more features, but they all pack quite a punch. Choose whatever suits you best based on your needs and budget.

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