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Best Electric Razors for Elderly Men- Even for Senior Men with Arthritis

Throughout your life, you’ve probably had a myriad of different styles and looks. From awkward teenage fashion to secure middle-age looks, one thing has probably always remained pretty much the same – shaving habits!

If you have a full beard that needs a trim, or just light stubble, you’ll have been picking up a razor almost every day of your life. Some things happen to get a little harder as we get older, though. Especially the tasks which require dexterity and precise movement.

Shaving is definitely in that category and can be a struggle for senior men with arthritis. Luckily, though, there are a few different razors on the market specifically for senior men. This article will contrast and compare those for you, so you can make the right choice for you.

How to Choose an electric Shaver for Seniors

The right choice of electric shaver for seniors is not an easy task, because there are so many options. You need to be aware and careful about the skin-type and potentially adverse reaction of blades towards the skin.
The price of the device is probably a relative matter depending on the individual. Your preference is what matters the most. As you get older your skin begins to develop wrinkles and other blemishes. This can be a bit of a problem for seniors when they attempt to shave.

Electric shavers are a generally better choice for people with sensitive skin, because the risk of cuts, razor burns, itchiness, rashes and redness is quite less than with blades. With an electric shaver, there is no need for using shaving cream and other shaving products.

Foil Vs Rotary

Rotary shavers can be a little painful and frustrating, depends on how often do you shave and how adept you are, meanwhile foil shavers give smooth and comfortable shaving on jawlines, neck, and chin.

The Corded Or Cordless

When you are choosing the right device for the elderly, you need to think about whether you want a battery-powered model or shaver that has to be plugged into the socket outlet.

Cordless shaver is often the best choice because they are easier to handle. But if you cannot decide right away, you should consider buying a shaver that can be used with and without cord. And see for yourself how the cord affects your skill in the hands.

Battery Life Span

If you go with the battery-powered shaver, remember to choose a shaver with very long battery life, so you won`t have to recharge it frequently and you will always have enough battery to finish the entire shave. It usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to charge the battery.

Manual Clean And Cleaning Stations

Electric shavers for delicate skin usually offer clean and charge functionality. Such kits allow us to charge and douse without cleaning it manually. And they are capable of wet and dry shaving.

As you age, you probably want to make everyday tasks easier and simple. That is why you will want to make sure that the cleaning of the device is as easy as possible. So the shaver won`t give you any unnecessary headaches.

Older people with arthritis or pain in the hands will probably be happy and glad for this functionality. A shaver with a good cleaning station will handle all of the complexities for you and surely make a huge difference in keeping your device clean.

Wet Or Dry

As we grow older, we tend to strive to comfort and ease. So you should look into water-resistant shavers because they allow shaving under the running shower of your bath. Usually, water-resistant models work in wet and dry conditions alike. And you will be able to wash it off below your toilet sink. The easier and comfortable the features are, the more suitable is for older generations to use.

Flexible Head And Ergonomics

As we age, our face develops more crevices and bumps, so this could be a problem when you are attempting to shave. If you are not careful you could hit one of those bumps and cut your skin. Therefore you should look and invest in a shaver that is equipped with a flexible head. So when you shave the razor can glide across the face smoothly.

Most modern shavers for delicate skin offers good gripping and handling. The shavers can adapt to the shape of the face very easily. It is good to think that your shaver has an ergonomic design so that it is going to rest comfortably in your hands at all times.

With ergonomic design, your hands won`t be cramping up or getting sore meanwhile you are using a shaver. And you will feel no pain in your hands.

The Cost And The Brand

As we all strive to save some money, especially the older population, it is really important that you invest in a good shaving device. Maybe spend a little bit more. Because spending less on some second-class and cheaper devices may cause problems in the long run.

The battery may die very rapidly, or there might not be enough power. This could pull your hair strongly and that is very painful. The best you can do is to do your research of what suits you best and maybe invest a little more money in brands such as Philips, Braun, and Panasonic.

Best electric Shaver for elderly man/Reviews

To stay looking handsome and sharp, check out  the options we’ve pulled together, below:

Philips Norelco Electric Shaver 3100- Best for Seniors with Arthritis

Philips is a fantastic and well-known electronics brand. This is a great choice as a trusted electric razor manufacturer. The razor features self-sharpening blades for a close, dry shave. It’s affordable, effective and made in a sturdy way that will last. The lithium-ion battery means that it has a good battery life, too.

The one-pop open feature means that you can rinse it off easily as well, without too much fiddling. Perfect for seniors looking for easy rising razors. It’s been reported to help with getting a close shave with fewer ingrown hairs.

This shaver can function cordless or corded. If you prefer to shave cordless be aware that after 8 hours of charging you’ll have 45 minutes of shaving time.

Braun Electric Razor for Men / Series 3 ProSkin 3010s- Best for Close shave

Braun is an iconic German brand. With a global reputation as being one of the best, it’s hard to beat. This is a great premium option for seniors looking for that close shave. It’s waterproof which means that you can rinse it under running water for hygienic and easy cleaning. It may also be good for seniors due to its sturdy grip.  

It’s important to note that this one does not have a pop-up trimmer, however.

Panasonic Razor, ES-LF51-A- Best Razor with Pop-up Trimmer

This high-tech razor from Panasonic is truly a beauty! It features four ultra-sharp hypoallergenic blades and a flexible head for a great shave. It also has a precision pop-up trimmer for adding that perfect finish. You can shave dry or wet, and simply run it under the water to clean it out. This may be worth it for seniors who don’t want to mess around with popping the cap off to clean.

This razor is a bit more of an investment, but for seniors who prefer a wet shave, this is definitely the right choice.  

Panasonic ES-LT3N-K Arc3- Best Waterproof Razor for Seniors

With a super flexible pivoting head and high comfort as its main goal, this Panasonic is a solid mid-range choice. Featuring 3 blades and also a pop-up razor for trimming, it has everything you need. It’s another waterproof model, so you can use it in the shower or out. The soft grip rubber handle also makes it a great choice for seniors who are looking for something with easy grip.

The main thing to note is that it’s quite hard to find replacement foil and blades for it.

Hatteker 4 in 1 Electric Razor- Best for the Price

This razor has it all! It’s a 4 in 1 model, so it includes within a:

  • Beard trimmer
  • Facial cleansing brush
  • Precision trimmer
  • Nose trimmer within

It’s waterproof and rechargeable, with a contour-following system to avoid nicks and cuts. It’s reported to result in a close shave with few leftover whiskers after.

However, some reports also mention that the battery life goes down over time, and that it actually can give quite a violent and painful shave. So, if you have a thick beard and need something quite heavy-duty, perhaps this may not be the right choice for you.

Philips Norelco PQ208/40- Best for Seniors who Travel a Lot

The next Philips razor in our line-up, this edition is cordless and runs on AA batteries. A great budget option from a trusted brand, for sure. It has independently floating heads that follow the curve of your face.

However, to clean, you have to take the whole cap off. For those with dexterity problems, this may be an issue, as some have reported that they drop the cap into the wastebasket accidentally while cleaning.

What’s next?

At a bare minimum, all these razors should protect you from accidental nicks and scratches. You may have preferences with regards to cordless or not. In general, you want to be looking for razors that are lightweight, easy to handle, and safe. This will reduce pressure on hands, especially for those who have problems with dexterity.

For more useful hygiene devices check colognes for older men, lotions for older skin, toenail clippers for seniors.

Best Bras For Older Women- Featuring Also Front Closure Bras

Muscles and tendons in older women tend to grow weaker. This leads to reduces support for your breasts, which is why getting your hands on the best bras for older women is something to be considered.

With the right bra at your disposal, you can give your breasts adequate support. This can help to alleviate back pain and similar symptoms during exercise, and also reduce the risk of sagging breasts.

We looked at hundreds of different bras to bring you the top options to consider if you are an older woman who needs better support for your breasts.

How to choose the best bras for older women?

When looking to buy one of the best bras for older women, there are a few factors that you definitely have to take into consideration. You ultimately want a product that won’t be an inconvenience to you while also providing great support and comfort.

Some of the most important factors to take into account while shopping for a bra:

  • Fastening system: You don’t want to spend several minutes trying to get your bra on and fastened. Look for options with an easier and convenient fastening system. A velcro is a great option. An adaptive fastening system is also more convenient than some alternatives.
  • Padding: Many bras for older women will come with some sort of padding. This is a great feature to look for, as it will help to add to the comfortability of the clothing accessory. Padding also helps to contribute to a more feminine profile.
  • Quality and durability: You also want a bra that will last you a long time. Make sure the material used is a sturdy and durable material. The construction of the bra should also be tailored to focus on durability. This would ultimately give you a much better value. 

The Best Bras For Older Women

The Glamorise- Best Front Close Bra for an Older Women

The Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Wonderwire Front Close Stretch Lace Bra focuses on providing better comfort for older individuals who do not like a regular bra. The wonderwire system helps to reduce the pressure applied to the skin, while also being more supportive than some alternatives you may find.

This bra’s fastening system sits at the front of the product, which makes it much easier for you to put the bra on and take it off. The bra comes in a large variety of sizes, ranging from a 30B all the way to a 48G.

You can also select from different colors, including apricot, black, white, beige, Café, and blue. The material used in the manufacturing of the bra includes 80% Nylon content, along with some polyester and Lycra Spandex.

Bali- Best for Older Women who Want to Add Support

The Bali Women’s Comfort Revolution Front-Close Shaping Underwire Bra is another quality option that is perfect for older people. The bra features an underwire system that helps to add support for your breasts, with quality material and stitching to avoid the wire from coming out.

This ensures you will not find the product pushing against your skin and causing problems.

The bra closes in the front for convenience. The cups are made from Nylon and Spandex, along with polyurethane foam as padding. The inner and center belts are made from Nylon, Spandex, and Polyester.

You can choose between sizes ranging from 34B to 42DD. There are also several color options, including nude, Misty Lilac, white, black, and more. A floral pattern is embedded into the front area of the cups.

Carole Martin-Best for Older Women who Want a Great Look

The Carole Martin Full-Freedom Front Closure Bra focuses on delivering a product that is comfortable, but also one that looks great at the same time. The bra provides more freedom than many of the alternatives, but still features underlining that gives your breasts the adequate support you may desire.

A major benefit of this bra is that the main material used is cotton. This helps to provide a softer feel on your skin. Spandex is also used to provide some elasticity in the material. No wires are used in the bra.

Sizes are somewhat limited, as the bra only comes in a size range from 34 up to 44. It does fit B to D cups. Color options include beige, black, blue, white, and Café.

Just My Size- Best for active older women

The Just My Size Women’s Active Lifestyle Wirefree Bra is perfect for older women who find wires to be restrictive and damaging to their skin. The product uses an elastic material instead of wires to provide support. The design has been developed for women who are frequently active.

Cotton is the primary material used in this bra. The lining of the cups, as well as the strap, are made from 100% cotton. Nylon is added to the back area, along with Spandex, to make the material stretchy.

The hook and eye closure provide for a more secure fastening system, but may not be ideal for all women, as it requires more effort. Sizes range from 38D to 48DD.

Hanes- Best for Older Women who want Better Coverage

The Hanes Women’s Comfort Evolution Bra offers a product that covers a larger area in order to give you better coverage of your breasts. This leads to a more supportive structure. The fabric used is a combination of Polyester and Spandex.

The product uses a hook and eye closure system, which adds stability, but reduces convenience.

The bra’s sizing chart is different from many competitor products. You need to select in a size bracket that ranges from small up to 3X-Large. You can choose between a large variety of colors, including white, black, blue, teal feather, rich purple, and more.

Some of the design options also come with unique prints and stitches for a better look.

Fruit Of The Loom- Best for the Price

The Fruit Of The Loom Women’s Front Close Racerback bra is a full closure option that comes at a great price. The package comes with two bras and gives women more support than a lot of the alternative options currently on the market.

Cotton is the primary material that the manufacturer uses, along with Spandex. Polyester and Spandex are combined to produce a liner for the bra.

The material is elastic to help contribute to its comfort, but without causing pressure on your breasts while wearing. The size options the bra comes in does seem limited compared to others, ranging from a 34 up to a 46.

Each package comes with two different colored bras. Color varieties include white, black, sand, and Mint Chip.

What’s next?

I hope you found this article helpful, but if you are facing difficulties wearing a bra you should check bra alternatives designed for seniors.