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Products for Seniors living at home/Assistance aids for the Elderly

In case you are looking for useful products for seniors living at home you should check some kitchen aids like an electric can opener or reaching tools. You should use products that will help you with managing medications like pill grinder or pill dispenser. Look also for products that help with dressing like sock aid or long-handled shoehorn.

To ensure safety in the bathroom use products like a non-slip mat or grab bar. Use hygiene products specially designed for the elderly like lotion applicator or foot cleaning brush. In the living room use only one remote controller, use a universal remote. Read further and find more products for seniors living at home.

Maintaining independence in older age is a key value for many seniors. And rightfully so! You want to ensure that you continue to have the same freedom and agency which you experienced in your younger years, for as long as possible.

While assisted living, or care, is definitely the right choice for some people, there are ways to put off that option, if you’d like. Amazing technology has now flooded the market with great gadgets and devices to support seniors living at home.

In this article, we’ll take you through the best gadgets in each category.

Gadgets for Seniors who want to remain Independent:

Kitchen products

Automatic jar Opener

Avoid the pain of opening jars yourself with this automatic jar opener! This is great for seniors who suffer from arthritis, as it takes all of the work out of opening jars, with just the push of a button.

Automatic can Opener

Opening cans is made easy with this automatic can opener, which will simply cut the lid off for you. Reports say that this model can be tricky but it’s worth it for the price range. 

Grabber tool With rotating gripper

Stretching up to reach your belongings around the house, or bending down to pick something up becomes much harder as you enter older age. With this grabber, the effort is taken away, as its strong aluminium build can pick up whatever you need, with the click of a button.

Dressing Aids

Vive Sock Aid

Putting on socks may become harder and harder over time for senior people, as it involves bending and stretching which can be very painful. The Vive Sock Aid is a tool for easily putting on socks. You put the sock on the box and use the handles to guide the tool. Great for people recovering from injury or strain.

Vive long Handled shoe horn

Sliding shoes and boots on and off has always presented a bit of a struggle. This is why the shoehorn was invented. This product is the same concept, but with an extra-long handle for better access. It measures 23” in total length.

Elastic no Tie shoelaces

With these no-tie shoelaces, you can transform your old sneakers and make them much more adaptable for your lifestyle. They were originally designed for athletes, but are equally beneficial for seniors, as they mean that you don’t have to fumble and struggle with tying up shoelaces anymore.

Bathroom Products

Nonslip Shower mat

The shower can be a dangerous place for those with decreased balance. Seniors who need extra non-slip confidence would do well to check out this product. It’s a bathmat with hundreds of suction cups, which ensures that your shower or bathroom floor is not slippery.

The bathtub Transfer bench

A transfer bench is a great tool for safely getting in and out of the bathtub. This seat sits half-in and half-out of the bath, so that seniors are able to stay seated and transfer themselves out of the bath.

Toilet safety Rail

For added stability when sitting on the toilet, these padded safety rails are a great solution. Definitely one to consider for those with limited mobility, who need support getting up or sitting down.

Shower grab Bar

Another great tool that guarantees extra stability is this suction-cup handle. This will provide you with something to hold on to for support while showering. Easily attached by simply pressing onto desired surface.

Personal Hygiene

Foot cleaning Brush

Keeping hygiene practices up is really important, and this brush allows you to keep doing some of the basics. The brush is a foot scrubber on a long stick, for ease of access.

Lotion applicator

The ability to apply your own moisturizing cream, for example, is a simple pleasure. With the lotion applicator, you’re able to keep applying your own lotion, as it has a sponge on the end of a long handle, for good reach.

Entertainment products

Wireless TV Listening Speaker

This wireless speaker is a great solution for seniors who have trouble with their television’s volume settings. You will have more control with this speaker, and the best thing is that you don’t need a wireless connection or “smart tv” to set it up! It can just be connected by the TV headphone jack or audio output jacks.

Flipper Big Button TV Remote

Troubles with the small buttons on the remote? Many seniors may find it hard to see their remote, which makes it hard to use the buttons. With this remote, you can set your favorite channels, so that you have minimal button pressing to get to the shows you want. If you need one, you can find more options here.

Hands-free Magnifying glass

So, you enjoy sewing, reading, crossword puzzles and painting, but can’t see to the fine level of detail that these tasks require? This magnifying glass has a clip which secures it to your table. This allows you to carry out your tasks using both your hands while looking through the glass for better visibility.

Communication products

Hearing aid compatible Cell phone

This senior cell phone includes a speaking keypad, big buttons, and loud volume. It also features an SOS button on the back, for quick access to emergency services.

Picture care Desktop phone

Store and dial your frequently contacted phone contacts easily with the Desktop Phone. This way, you just “push the face” of the person you want to call, and the call goes through! Couldn’t be easier.

Housekeeping tools

Robotic vacuum Cleaner

Take all the stress out of cleaning and outsource to your new robot friend! The robot is called Bob, and it vacuums, sweeps and mops the floor, just by moving around. You can pre-program a week’s cleaning in advance, as well!

Medical products

Automatic pill Dispenser

This motorized pill dispenser rotates around and dispenses the correct pill on the correct day. Great for taking the effort and worry out of keeping track of your pills!

Pill Crusher

You can crush pills of any size with this pill crusher. This makes them easier to ingest. The crusher leaves no residue and is reported to work well.

Mobility Products

Grab bar for a Car

Give yourself some more stability when getting out of the car, with the handy Stander HandyBar. It hooks on to your car and can support up to 350lbs.

What’s next?

Hopefully, these products will help make your day just that little bit easier!

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