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Unable to stand Up from sitting Position?/Learn techniques

If you are unable to stand up from sitting position you should use techniques for standing up. Also, choose the correct chair and exercise regularly. Talk to your doctor about your problem, maybe you will find mobility aids useful.

For most people, being able to stand up from a sitting position is part of everyday life. But, those with mobility problems due to age or disability often find standing a big problem.

A disability could be caused by many things, but with age, the problem usually comes from a lack of muscle mass and brittle bones. Furthermore, the problem might be curable but often it isn’t. Let’s run through the most common results caused by standing problems and suggest some ways for us to overcome them.

Why you have difficulty with standing?

Often the main case with not being able to stand easily is just because we have been sitting too long. The blood circulation to our legs has slowed down and the muscles aren’t receiving the oxygen they need to operate correctly.

Irrespective of the cause, not being able to stand easily, will result in a few complications such as:

  • If you find it hard standing up from a chair, then you will stand up less often. This will reduce the amount of exercise you take resulting in even more problems standing up.
  • Often it’s the chair that gives the problem. Soft armchairs are harder to stand up from than harder dining chairs.
  • You might be worried about going out to social events because you think your host might not have a suitable chair. You will feel more socially isolated and cut-off from society.
  • If you have problems getting out of a chair and you are susceptible to incontinence, you might have bladder accidents more often.
  • If you have problems standing or sitting, you might find it difficult to get out of bed without assistance.

Don’t put up with these issues and assume its all part of getting old. Speak to your doctor or carer and find out if there is anything you can do to make life easier. There might be medications, aids or exercises available to help you with your problem.

Use these techniques for standing up:

There are certain techniques you can use to help yourself stand from a sitting position.  The easiest way to stand up is to sit near the front edge of the chair. Then:

  • Make sure both feet are firmly on the floor.
  • Put both hands onto your thighs and push down
  • At the same time fall forward from the seat and straighten your legs.
  • All being well you’ll find yourself standing up.

Pay attention to where you sit

The type of chair you use has a huge say in how easy you find standing up from a sitting position. Pay specific attention to the types of chairs you use and whether it is heavily upholstered. Not only might your chair make it difficult to stand up, but it might also even be damaging your posture and muscles.

Use chair risers

These are feet you can add to your favorite chair to increase its height above floor level. There are various types available, depending on your requirements, so choose which one best suits your needs.

Choose the correct chair

If you choose the correct seat, you have won half the battle. Choose chairs that have armrests and ones that are relatively high above the floor. The upholstery needs to be relatively firm so don’t buy the softest chair you can find. There are lots of different options for which you can browse, so find a good catalog and see what is available.

Use mobility aids

Walking cane and walker are good aids to try. They give you something to push against when you’re standing up. Use assist tools are designed for specific situations and certain problems. Browse through the catalog of a well-known mobility accessory manufacturer to find those that are best for your circumstances.

Exercise Regularly

Exercising is probably one of the best things you can do to help. Lack of exercise means you start to lose muscle mass which in turn makes standing even harder to do. You never know, if you find the correct exercises and build up the muscles, you might cure the problem and find you no longer have the problem.

Resistance exercises are probably some of the best ones that will help you. And probably the best resistance exercise of all is to stand up and sit down repeatedly. It will build up the muscles exactly where you need them.

Make home modifications

You can fit grab rails and bars in your home to assist with standing and sitting, especially around the toilet and by your bed.

As a general safety concern. If you have problems standing and sitting, you probably will have other mobility issues too. Clear your home of trip and fall hazards, as well as rugs and tables that move easily. Ensure all your chairs are strong and sturdy and won’t decide to move when you try to sit down or stand up.

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Talk to a Doctor


You may have a health condition that causes the problem. Speak to your doctor, who might be able to prescribe something to help. Medication can also help if the pain is the cause of standing difficulties.


You might be overweight or you might have inflammation caused by certain types of diet. Your doctor or a nutritionist can help by giving you a suitable diet for your age and stature.


Physical therapy restores the proper function of your bones and muscles which, in turn, will make standing and sitting so much easier. Speak to your doctor who can organize this, and don’t forget that many physiotherapists will visit you at home.


Certain exercises will always help to build up your muscles and give you the strength to stand and sit correctly. A doctor or physiotherapist will prescribe the correct exercises for your problem.

What’s next?

Although you might think that no one is interested in knowing your problems, you will be surprised how many people will make allowances and offer help if you tell them you have problems sitting and standing. Even if you don’t tell everyone, you can always tell someone close to you about your issues. Other people might just need to know that you need a certain type of chair.

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